New work projects. Patterns design.

Thanks for visiting me!It is very nice!

A new year has started and I am excited to make new work projects.
My main goal this year is to license my patterns to more brands, therefore; I must be more productive and create exclusive work. I used to show my designs at websites as Society6 or Sponnflower. Some fabric manufacturers only want exclusive patterns, which it means not to have been shown them on any websites before. So, I am going to create patterns in different styles according to the style of the brand.
I will try to make nice presentations and submit my work to several brands. I cross my fingers to be accepted. 

I have some new brand agreements to sign to license my work, but as it is on the air, it is much better not to tell anything about it yet! I am a superstitious woman! I know, it is a nonsense but I can´t help it. I remember when I was 34 weeks pregnant with my twins, the doctor told me it was necessary me to have a  caesarian section the next day. When I knew the following day it was 13th Tuesday, I didn´t like at all and told him about postponing it. Of course, they were born that wonderful date! 
Sorry,  I am not used to write about family matters here!

I am glad as one of the brands I license my work with, kessinhouse, has added new designs to sell just some few days ago. I hope to sell more products now as they are sold at amazon too which it is also a good promotion.

I am trying to promote my work much more than before as it seems it is very useful. So I must devote some time each day to increase my social media followers at twitter, wanelo, facebook... I didn´t know it was so important to promote yourself. It is funny to write your name on google and see so many pages where your designs are shown. So, although it is sometimes a little boring I think it is worthy and step by step I will increase my presence on the web. I was not an ambitious designer at all before, but now I feel the competitiveness is so hard that I must try not to lose opportunities and try to expand my work as much as I can.

I am devoting so much time to work now, that I hardly have social life. The little free time I have, I love to be with my twins boys. Of course, my virtual social life is great, but in some ways I think it is making me to neglect a little my physical friends!
That´s is one of the things I am going to take in account this year, to find time to meet to my real friends.

I hope you have a great weekend. I hope you visit me next Friday!

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