Spoonflowers swatches fabric of my patterns designs.

       Hello! I feel glad you visit me! Lots of thanks!

I have had a spoonflower shop, where I sell my patterns as fabrics about nearly two years. http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/juliagrifol 

Yesterday I found on my post box a nice white plastic envelop and inside it was my new Spoonflower swatch sampler collection on cotton fabric, which I had ordered some weeks ago. 

It is the first time I ordered 30 swatches of my patterns, as I always ordered only 6. To order from 16 to 30 it costs $35.00 plus shipping

A swatch sampler puts a 8"x8" swatch of each design in a collection onto a single piece of cooton fabric.

I couldn´t resist the temptation not to open it till me to get home again, so I opened it in the street. 

I inmediatly needed to know how they looked printed on fabrics !I didn´t have any patience to wait. And yes, all looked nice to me !only one it had a little darker blue tone than the one I expected. 
Some of these designs have been licensed for a new brand, not made on products yet, and to know beforehand how they will look, it makes me feel confident about them. 

I must say I am very satisfied with the colours result, they are lovely.
I think I have gained experience as I have swatches fabric of each one of my patterns.

It is so exciting to see your designs on fabric! I think it is also very useful to check them. Some colors colours seen on computer screen or printed on paper, may slightly or drastically change their colours once they are printed on fabrics.

I am going to cut  each swatch with my zig zag scissors and to add them tomyswatch book. I explained how it was made in a last post.

I have choosen four patterns of this collection in order a dressmaker to make some children dresses and tunics. My idea is to have some nice photos of them.

                    I also ordered a fat quarter of this design as silky faille fabric. 

I received some months ago a beautiful photo showing a girl dress using my owls fabric made by a Spoonflowers customer. That day I had had a bad day, and to see that lovely picture and email cheered me up!

Besides as I don´t license any patterns for any fashion or fabric children brand yet, which it is a field I love to, I think that it was like a good signal, showing my new goal or way to go!

Last week, I had the idea of contacting with Allison, this is her name and she was very kind to me about making these dresses! We are both excited about this¡It is funny as she is in Canada and I am in Spain, but we make a nice team!
We have written each other lots of emails in order to reach an agreement about how to develop them.   
I am sure they will look great!

If you like making patterns designs, I recommend you to open a Spoonflower shop, it very motivating and useful!
Take it easy if you decide to open your shop, as the first months are very adictive!

By the way, I am happy as next week I will start my holidays! I need to rest, and I am willing to spend some great days with my twins on the beach!

Happy weekend! 

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  1. Oh, they look fabulous, Julia! I really, really, really must getting around to putting more designs up and ordering a a swatch sample of them all. Fabulous idea to make your own sample book, too.

    1. Tasha, glad you like them!Yes, you should ask for them, reallly exciting!lots of thanks!

  2. Great fabric swatches, Julia~!! Well done your works, I like. Congrats~!!
    I have a question how you make sure your pattern colors among on screen and on printed paper or fabric.
    On march I ordered my 35 pattern fabrics from Spoonflower, some colors are as good as oen but others are not good... even I have spoonflower swatcher..
    Anyway,, good luck to your new collaboration project!!

    1. Hello Ria, How nice of you! At the beginnings it was a little confusing how Spoonflowers worked, so I also used the printed color chart. But once you have ordered lots of swatches, you know all the colours you printed, you have lots of idea how they will print! Lots of thanks!

  3. Julia, I’m really excited by this project!

  4. Allison, hello! how nice to meet you here! yes, me too! Really glad about our project! lots of thanks

  5. Gorgeous swatches and beautiful work.