Christmas surface patterns designs.

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These months are the best ones to sell on line, as Christmas day is aproaching. 

I am really glad as two of my new holidays patterns are already on sale by kessinhouse in a wide range of products such as pillows, duvets, notebooks, tapestries…

   My vector pattern called " Christmas balls". Link to the whole collection.  

My vector  pattern " Christmas time" sold as pillow by kessinhouse. Link to the whole I hope you like it. 

I have also designed some iphone cases for Casetifty brand for this Christmas season. 

Link to my Casetify shop,

I hope you have a good shopping Christmas time! 


Redbubble is a POD

Hello! So glad you visit me! thanks a lot

I decided to open at Redbubble shop some months ago. Redbubble is a web where artists can open a shop and sell their creations on its nice products. 

One of my best facebook friends adviced to me that it would be a good place to show and sell my artwork.

 I love some of its mockups, moreover the pillows ones. I can´t devote it the time I should to, but I think the more shops you have,  the best it is to build a good reputation on the internet.

In fact; it is not so easy to be known as we are lots of great artists trying to sell and stand out! 
Redbubble says at its web “Today, we connect over 400k artists and designers across the planet. It seems too many to me!  I have also connected with some great artists there and I have had some great chat sharing experiences with some admired artist in my free time. 

I have done some few sales till far, but step by step, sure I will make more. So, nothing to loose!
Here I am showing some of my new designs. 

My design "black roses" sold as pillow covers. Link to it,

Here, two other grey and black and white designs for pillow

I hope you like them! 
This evening I will paint with watercolours paintings and I hope to upload new colourful work to my Pods shops! See you! 


Summer time

Hello, thanks a lot for visiting me

Sorry for not having written in some weeks!It is so hot in Valencia. I have my air-conditioning on all day. It is imposible to work without it for me. 

I had come back from my holidays! I had a wonderful time on a rented house on the beach with my family. I needed to rest, to have a break and to be out from my computer!

I have recharged my batteries and I have written a new to do list, in order not to forget any of my future plans.

These last weeks I have  worked with my watercolour paintings old box, trying to make more artistic artworks, and new designs to offer to my licensee brands.

I signed a new licencing agreement with a new ihonecases brand in June and some of my designs are now on sale here,

I am glad as this new brand chosed some of my handrawn designs to sell them printed on their nice iphone cases. Hope you like them. 

Have a great time! see you soon!                             


New artwork

Hello, Welcome to my creative space. Lots of thanks for visiting me

I am glad that I have found time to paint with watercolours again. I find it so relaxing, but for me it is like a ritual. I need to find the right moment, as I am always on my computer screen with lots of tasks to do.  

I feel these last weeks, I have been quite productive as I have designed some floral watercolours art prints and patterns and I have also created digital vector patterns for some of my home licensed partner. 

I also decided to open an account at  Redbubble, where there is a great artists community and I have created a shop, as I love its wide  products collection. 

As an image is worth a thousand words, I am going to show some of my newest works. Hope you like them. 

My watercolour "My flowers garden" sold on great Society6 products. Link to it,

My watercolours artprints sold at Redbubble. Link to the pillow,

As cactus designs are trending now., I decided to paint a illustration.

Have a nice week. Hope to see you soon! 


My blue feathers pattern design.

        Hello! thanks for visiting me!

I want to show you my pattern “blue feathers” printed on different products. 

It is a vector pattern and the idea came to me when my son brought me a pigeon feather he had found in the park.I did another version only with grey feathers.

This is a pattern which it is licensed by several brands . It is very regarding to see it on great products and on sale. 

I have checked some products samples which I was given, and the printing looks great.

Hope customers like them as I do! 

Have a nice week, greetings from Spain.