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Hello! Thanks a lot for visiting me!

A new year has come, and I ,as usual, have created my resolutions list. It is like a new starting and all of us think the first week of this new year, that we are able to make lots of changes in our lives.

I want to reach some goals this year, but for reaching them it is quite necessary to be constant and to have strength will. Therefore, I prefer to focus on some few resolutions but very important ones, that on many ones which at the end, I know I will forget about them. 

This is my vector patter designs" aqua flowers" which you can see printed on a nice products collection.  goo.gl/zgPrZE

I hope to have a year full of motivation, inspiration and work projects which make me feel happy with them.

Of course; I am going to try to keep me fit, loose weight and to have a better healthier diet. I am an coke addict, and I have decided to drink teas and herbal infusions and try not to drink coke in months! 
According to work, I am very interested this year in making pattern designs for kids and try to collaborate with a new one company in that field. Crossing fingers!

My floral watercolour "Spring in my heart" printed on a nice Redbubble pillow.goo.gl/cCifPs

I am showing below some of my 2017 designs, which I am proud of having designed them. But I want to study more with online tutorials  to improve my hand and computer skills in order to create new artwork. There are always something to learn in arts. 

This new year I am interested in creating more watercolour artwork, as for me it is more relaxing than being on my computer screen for hours. 


I hope you have a great year and some of your dreams come true! Believe and visualise it is possible!See you.

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