Since i was a child, i knew i wanted to be a designer. All my textbooks were filled with doodles, and i continuously imagined myself being a designer travelling all around the world.

That passion and need to draw, have been a constant throughout my life. I graduated from the Escuela de Arte y Superior de Valencia with a degree in Artistic Illustration in 1990 and Fashion Design in 1993.

In 1989, my portfolio with children’s fashion designs was given a grant from the Impiva that promoted young designers in Valencia. From that moment on, I started working on designing school supplies' collections reacquainting with creating prints forscreen printing mainly for a company that licensed Disney products, and also,began creating my own prints.

I’ve developed children’s fashion collections, textile prints, and graphic projects in the Fashion and Stationary fields, specifically for the children’s market for both Spanish and international brands and adapting to the required style.
All this large versatile and commercial experience has helped me learn and develop my own personal style shown in my work: an effortless, fresh and naive style highlighted by the use of cheerful and bright colors.
At the moment I’m working as a freelance designer and sell patterns to companies in the home and fashion industries, and on online print-on-demand websites. I also accept commissions and collaboration projects. 
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4 comentarios:

  1. me parece magnifico tu trabajo pero no crees que deberias haber publicado tu pagina tambien en español ?

  2. Hola,

    Muchas gracias por tu mensaje y comentario. Por supuesto que barajé la idea de publicarla tambien en español, pero mi intención es promocionar mi trabajo en America y en Europa en estos momentos.

  3. Hola ! Pienso lo mismo , no estaría de más que estuviera también en castellano .Estoy interesada en comprar tejidos y tus diseños me gustan...para diseñar ropa de niño

    1. Hola,

      Muchas gracias por tu mensaje que tendré muy en cuenta. Me encantaría colaborar contigo, me encanta el producto infantil. Espero tus noticias. Saludos, Julia