Festive iphone cases designs. Surface designer.

            Hello! So glad you visit me!Lots of thanks

These last days I have been designing iphone cases thinking in Christmas.

I have tried to make more elegant, and festive designs as I think they are quite saleable this season.  

Designing for cases is fun and very creative. You must reduce and match your designs to a size template that it is about  1200-300 x 2000 pixels. 

This is the size lots of iphone cases webs such as Society6 required to sell your creations in order they can aply the design to several iphone, ipod or ipad models. 

These are some of the designs which I have created this week. I hope to sell them well! They are selling here, http://www.casetify.com/juliagrifol/collection

By the way, really happy and also tired as yesterday we had my twin birthday celebration!
They are 13 years old!So great boys!I love celebrations so tomorrow, on Saturday we will have another birthday cake to share with friends and relatives!

I hope you have a great weekend!


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