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Hello, Thanks a lot for visiting me. 


HAPPY 2017! Sorry for not having writing till today!

At last my blog is working again! Last December it was impossible for me to open my blog due to a template error. I didn´t know how to solve it, as it was also Christmas time approaching, so I could not do anything, as I need my time to be with my children. I felt so heartbroken thinking that maybe I would have to make a new blog.

Luckily; my husband after talking to an expert, told me it was a silly and easy error, and just changing some code symbols in my template I could solved it! 

So glad I had not lost it and I could easily recover it!

I have bought a new appointment book and I am trying to note all my to do list for this new year. 

I think one of my best wish is to increase my licensing deals with new brands. 
So, definitely I must be more productive and try to feel concentrated and inspired for creating new and good arwork. 


I have started to use Instagram these last months trying to show my hand artistic skills as I think in my personal case,  hand drawing is more valued than digital artwork.  

So great, because I feel that way I can kill two birds with one stone. I am promoting my work and at the same time this fact it has made me to come back to use my old watercolour painting box and new ink markers and to focus on creating hand artwork. 

Glad as I was contacted for two new brands which had seen my feed.

I am happy as I have been designing vector patterns for ages ,and to have breaks for taking my brushes out, it makes me feel great. 
It is very very relaxing and funny. 

See you soon!                                                        

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