"My butterflies and flowers"pattern

Today, I have the pleasure to write you about one of my favourite patterns. Around March, I had the good luck of finding the fashion website: www.frontrowsociety.com

A lovely on-line fashion brand that has a monthly design contests based on  some  cool themes.
I submitted my pattern to the tropical jungle contest held last March, and I designed my pattern based on their brief. I was excited as it was the first time I entered on this newly discovered website. 
I must say I got a little disappointed as my design was not among the winners, but I understood when I saw the other gorgeous works. I had to summit my design on the product templates they gave us.
I thought a green background would be the best one as I chose the jungle theme. However, this time, I decided to be innovative and make different colour versions as I love doing that, so I re-designed it, using a yellow and brown background. 
Sometimes it is good to enter into design contests, as this forces you to use a different colour palette, it switches on your imagination helping you create new patterns and to base them on a theme which are far from your usual field of work!

This was my enter.

These were the templates I submmited

Thanks to having entered into this website, I created a nice design which it has been licensed for several home products by http://kessinhouse.com/pages/julia-grifol, which in this case has chosen the brown and the yellow vertion.

I also sell this design as fabric, decall and wallpaper, http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/1949926

 So as the old saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining

 I will publish a post every Friday, I will be pleased with your visit!
  Have a    great weekend!

8 comentarios:

  1. The print is versatile and beautiful, Julia. Well done!

  2. Gorgeous design - really lovely. Looks great on all of the mock-ups. There is always a silver lining. I had a rejection recently, but it really motivated me to update my site and create a new look book. Now I feel like I have more to offer the next application. You never know what's just around the corner!

    xoxo - Brandi

    1. Brandi, thanks for your nice comment!your sites look great!

  3. Amazing design Julia!! and very good to see the contests as challenges to develop your portfolio collections, well done!

  4. Miranda, glad you likes it!Thanks a lot!

  5. Hi Julia - first of all, thank you so much for visiting my facebook 'Judy's Art' page and 'liking' it!

    I love your patterns and I have added your blog to the bloglist in the side bar of my Art & Design blog so that I don't miss any of your updates.

    I particularly like the colour palette of the patterns you've posted here - lovely balance of warm and cool!

    Good luck with all you do :)

    1. Judy Adamson,
      how nice to hear from you.Thanks for your nice words and adding my blog to your nice blog. I feel honoured for it!I am new to this blogland, and I have a lot to learn about how it works!The same to you!Regards from Spain.