My patterns portfolio

It is more than a week since I haven´t created any new pattern. I am having troubles concentrating . I think this lack of motivation is due to my tiredness. 

I feel really exhausted as I have been working and promoting my work very hard these last ten months. Before that time, I hardly use my social media accounts. But last October I decided , it would be great to promote my work abroad. I feel so motivated, so excited to create my patterns online portfolio, like a child.   
I had to start from scratch as I didn´t have any patterns to show, as I had always sold them outright. Besides that, I used to designing for screen printing, using only few pantone colours
I felt so obsessed with creating my portfolio, that some days I worked even twelve hours a day, having very short breaks, also at weekends and not wanting to do anything else. I wanted to dedicate all my time to design and get informed about lots of patterns matters.
I feel I have finished a stage and I am going to start a new one. But before of it, I need to relax, I need to be away from my computer screen for a while. 
In my first post I introduced myself only talking  about work. I didn´t tell you about the happy mum I am having my eleven boys twin. All these lately months I have been focused in my work, and I haven´t spent lots of time with my children. They are on their school summer holidays term, so it is time to have a great holiday with them. 
I have rented a nice small house on the beach on a beautiful coast city called Denia in Alicante city, Spain. I like to be there on holiday in summer. 

My children love that place. They have spent funny days there when they were younger.

I feel I deserve this short holiday as I am happy of having created my Spoonflowers shop which it took me lots of time as I had some difficulty in knowing how it worked. At last I have achieved bright and lovely colours on my fabric swatches. 

I have also created my society6 shop,
my fan page, my new blog, my twitter account, my flickr album, and my pinterest boards.

I have also designed some prints for some on line fashion brands and I have been involved in some nice promotion projects. I have also entered in some patterns contests. I have started to license some of my patterns on online  brands, such as 

I am also very happy of belonging to a nice patterns designer group, where I have found lots of help and support. A group where I can share experiences, knowledge, and friendship. I joined them last May.

Lots of good things have happened to me and there are some new projects on the air, which I don´t want to reveal yet , it is too soon. I cross my fingers.

I wish you lots of inspiration. I hope to be able to be off the screen for some days, hard task!
I was in a hurry, I hope you can forgive my English mistakes. Sorry for them.
Have a  great weekend!



10 comentarios:

  1. Julia enjoy your well deserved holidays with your boys, and get soem new energy to make your wonderful patterns!!!

    1. Miranda Mol, thanks a lot for all your support!I will!Have a nice weekend and summer!

  2. What a smart idea to take a break, Julia! Our kids grow so fast. I am sure you'll come back with new energy and fresh inspiration. Tell them thank you in advance for inspiring your next creations ;-)

    1. Penina,
      You are right!I hope to come back with new ideas to develop!Thanks a lot for your nice words.

  3. What a lovely photo of your boys, Julia and your patterns look wonderfully enticing!

    Enjoy your break. I'm sure you will come back bursting with more pattern ideas :)

  4. Judy Adamson,
    They get on so well!!Thanks a lot for your nice compliments!It is a short break, sure it will make me feel great!

  5. Fantastic blog! Have a nice holiday :D

  6. Fabulous beach photo and lovely colorful designs. They make me happy. Love the Happy Squares and your birds too. Looking forward to see what comes next, Julia!

  7. Ellie, glad you like it!I hope to have nice ideas soon!!Thanks for your nice comment!