I love designing butterflies

Hi, I feel so happy to have you here! If you have seen some of my works, you will have noticed I usually draw flowers, birds, or butterflies in my patterns. I had a great time designing these icons. I wondered why I like designing butterflies, and if there were some special reasons for it.
Butterflies are so colourful, so graceful, beautiful, fragile and light, that when I design them I enjoyed so much, I feel so concentrated in trying to create them pretty that I am able to forget all my troubles for a while. I think they are magical, that butterflies are free, and they give that feeling to me when I draw them.

Que agradable sentimientos de alegria y de bienestar me trasmite dibujar mariposas. Su ligereza, fragilidad, belleza cautivan toda mi atención, me hacen sumergir en un mundo de belleza, inocencia y felicidad aunque sea por unos breves momentos, y parece que por unos instantes me libero de cualquier preocupación o pensamiento.  Me dejo llevar solo por el deseo de crear una mariposa llena de color y de belleza. Cuando alguna vez me he sentido desmotivada o me he sentido algo decaída o sin inspiración, me he volcado a crear una nueva mariposa y siempre he sentido una gran satisfacción y alivio al ver acabado uno más de mis estampados. 

Os recomiendo que alguna vez tomeis un lápiz y os dejéis envolver por la magia de crear vuestra propia mariposa, que disfrutéis pintando sus alas con preciosos colores, y dibujeis divertidas formas, sentiras que conectas con la niña que aún llevas dentro, sentiras que la imaginación fluye, y por unos momentos te sentiras que vuelas, que tu mente se libera...

I like painting them in bold and vivid colours, as it I was creating a happy and naïve world. It is shocking my patterns to be like that; surely I think they are for children, as I am a modest woman. I wore dark clothes for years, mainly black ones as I felt that wearing coloured or printed clothes was not for me, I didn´t feel comfortable at all. But surprisingly now that I am older, now that I like painting with bright colours, I have started to feel prettier wearing nice coloured clothes, even magenta tones which I have never used them before! 

Butterflies have some great symbolic meanings, as Greeks thought they represented souls or minds, and other ancient cultures thought butterflies meant transformation, a rebirth, a new beginning, love, good luck or freedom. In Celtic culture it represents nature and feminity.
Dreaming with butterflies signifies joy, romance and creativity. Nowadays the butterflies  tattoos are one of the most popular in women. Perhaps in some way I have passed a life and spiritual change these last months. 

I think it is time me to create other icons and try to be more versatile, as my patterns are also very girly. I need my portfolio to be much more assorted. But I am sure that when I feel a little down, or with some lack of motivation, I will draw some butterflies, as there is something magical, oneiric, and mysterious in them. I suggest you to try to draw them some time as I am sure you will enjoy yourself a lot and you will be free for some seconds. It is such a great and wonderful feeling, that it is worthy you to try!

I hope you can forgive my English mistakes! I wish you lots of inspiration and joy! Have a great weekend! See you next Friday!

Next week I will be on holidays by the sea. I hope to have a great time with my children.           


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  1. Interesting that your tastes in clothes have changed - mine have too. I used to dress and furnish my home in cool colours but somewhere along the line I started introducing some lovely warm colours too. I think it was when I discovered soft pastel painting and that has something to do with it.

    Lovely butterflies too :)

  2. Hi Judy,

    Losts of thanks for your message.I don´t usually paint with soft colours, I think I must try. Changes are good!