Patterns, starting from scratch.

I feel happy to have you here. Lots of thanks!

Today I want to write about my creative process. The worst part about creating a pattern for me is about starting from scratch. The first thing I do is to look for inspiring images. After googling and seeing some inspiring photos, patterns or paintings, I sit on my table in front of some blank sheet of papers,
and I feel sometimes that I don´t know how to fill them with nice ideas.

After sketching for hours, I feel sometimes as If I had lost my time. As I have felt that same uncomfortable feeling during years, and I am used to it now, I have learnt that the best thing to do is, although me to think that these sketches are not good enough and they are not going to suggest me anything, not to throw any of those papers in my bin, as I used to do some years ago. 

                                                                           Rough sketches in ink. 
Now, after my brainstorming, I take all these papers full of doodles and keep them in a folder, as next day I usually discover feeling relieved, that they are much better than I thought.


                    Ink Sketch                                                                    Traced icons.

Surprisingly, thanks for keeping them; I have good ideas to develop as patterns. When you choose some of these doodles, which don´t look very nice to you and draw, outline in ink properly, and colour them in your computer, they look very different, and much more original and appealing. 

                         My rought flowers sketch leaded me to develop this pattern.
So, my tip is; after sketching, don´t throw your doodles away. Keep them till next day; I am sure you will see them with new eyes. You will be happy for having kept them!

                                                                          My designs as fabric.

I hope you to have a wonderful weekend!

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