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Hello, I feel very glad you to visit me! Lots of thanks. 

It was a long time since I wanted to collect my Spoonflower fabric swatches on a book, but I didn´t know how to make it. I goggled and I found a nice blog where it was explained how to make it. But I am not very good at crafts, and I don´t have the needed patience to make it as at the moment, I am quite busy trying to create new patterns. I also wanted a more professional looking, so I decided to look for someone to make it.

Some weeks ago, by chance I was going for a walk when I discovered a very pretty shop showing on its window some beautiful folders, boxes and books, which were manually made by a talented bookbinder. I spoke to her and we both decided and choosed the best way to make it.It was not cheap, but I thought it was well worthy. This is her website:

This morning I went to pick my book, and I am really happy with it. It looks like a small catalogue, as spoonflower swatches are only 8 x 8 inches each, but it looks as I imagined. I decided the book to have laminated cover and back cover, as my children and paintings are always around, and I am a little messy. My cover and back design was sent to a print shop and they printed them beautifully. 

                               Inside book. It is very easy to add new pages to it.

I think it is great to show how your patterns look printed on fabrics and showing all together it gives a nice impression. I hope to show my book to possible customers. I hope they like it! Surely I will ask for another larger one, in order to show patterns printed on papers and their repeats. 

Once again, I hope you forgive my English mistakes!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I hope you to visit me next Friday!


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  1. wow, just fabulous Julia!! i would like sthg like thisone day too!!

  2. Hi Julia,

    This looks great! I actually love to make books by hand, though I don't always find the time. What I find MUCH harder is choosing and organizing the fabrics that would go in!

    One of the most popular posts on my blog is "How to make a fabric covered concertina book." Would something like this be of help to you?

    I wonder if you would be interested in writing a post about how you choose and organize your fabrics? ;-)

    - Penina

    1. Hi Penina,
      Lots of thanks for your nice comment! Your post is so easily explained with photos, very nice!Good idea I will think about, but I choose the best printed colours and mainly my lats patterns designed.

  3. This is a great idea Julia. I have mine set up in plastic folders. They don't look nearly as smart as your book. :-) I also show my folders to prospective clients, but as yet I have to actually get a sale through doing that :-) Good luck, maybe your book idea is what I need to do.. make it smart and people will think more of the work. :-)

    1. Sylvie,

      I think to choose this book to customers is much more appealing, as presentation is important. I had my swatches in plastic folders also!Lots of thanks!

  4. Such a beautiful way to present the swatches! I usually use mine to make quilts but you have inspired me to have a go at making a book. Thanks Julia!

    1. Hi Clair,
      how nice you like it! I hope you to make a beutiful one! thanks a lot!