Scanning things. Creating new patterns.

Hi, great you to visit me! lots of thanks. Welcome to my creative site.

I told you about my creative process based on ink hand sketching, scanning, and tracing using my mouse pad in a last post. I am not fast tracing, as my floral icons are detailed.Therefore, I wanted to make some proofs using a new creative process for me, which allowed me to be more productive and faster. 

So, I looked for things all over my house, which I thought they could be nice once they were scanned and vectorized automatically. I scanned necklaces, earrings, decorative objects, tree leaves,etc.

I scanned and vectorised  one of my beaded bracelet, and I liked the circular shape vector I got. 

 Of course; most of the things after vectorizing them didn´t suggest anything to me. I didn´t find them appealing, but surprisingly a few of them made nice shapes which inspired to me. After making some changes to them, I decided to use them as main icons for some of my patterns. I have been working with them lately.

I scanned the back of a pendant and I used only half of the traced image to make these trees.  

 I know I have a lot to learn about scanning and vectorising using the trace settings options properly, but at least I have started to experiment with a new way of working, creating different icons to the ones I usually draw.

                                                       These are some of the other vectors I got.

I will transform them and I will see if they led me to create some patterns.The first one looks like lace, and the second as an African icon. Do they suggest something to you?  

I am going to print these new patterns on fabric swatches in order to see the result. 
I am sure after studying tutorials and practising, I will be able to create better and faster patterns than the ones shown here.
Have fun with your scanner, sure you will make nice vector images!

                                                      Scanned tree leaf.

                                               Once again, sorry for my English mistakes!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you next friday! 

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