Colour versions of my patterns.

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The most enjoyable part of making patterns for me it is making colour versions. 
While I am designing I feel sometimes like anxious because I want to finish it, and I spend hours and hours working without taking a rest, obsessed with adding it to my society6 portfolio and spoonflower shop. It is an addiction.

Therefore; when I have created its repeat, when I feel satisfied with the icons and distribution, when I feel at last relaxed and proud with the result, then I don´t mind spending hours changing its colours trying to get the best combination for me, as it is so fast and funny on the computer. 

It is not only changing the background colour but playing also with colour strokes and fills. It is amazing how different the pattern may look depending on the chosen colours. 
When I studied fashion we studied a subject called color theory but if I am honest I don´t remember anything about it, but as I practised a lot painting with gouache and watercolours, and all my last professional experience makes me match colours much better now than some years ago. Each year I feel I improve my work.Although I know I overuse of bold colours and pink tones, surely as I was a children product designer for years. That is something I have started to change, and I am using faded and different colours now, trying to improve my portfolio.

It is very important to know to combine well the colours and create harmony among them, to have good taste. I know too many changes make me doubt about which colours version look much better, but I think it is worthy spending lots of time about it. Thanks to comparing all your colour versions, at last you will know to choose the best combination for you also basing on the final product.

In my spoonflower shop I sell some designs in four or five colours versions. Other thing about me to make also colours versions, it is that I can license the same design but with different colours to different brands. Have a great time changing colours!

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