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I have been very busy designing and promoting my work these last months. It is so much I want to do, that I spend much more time on my computer, than I would like to. I don´t meet my friends o go to events as I used to. I am involved in working hard. I prefer to design than to do any others things. I am so motivated to learn, to experiment, to create, to get informed about everything about the patterns field as I have never been before. I am surprised about this motivation. I love looking at other designers´ work and appreciate their artistic techniques.
This obsession or passion for designing patterns has made me have some eyes and neck troubles lately. I think these health troubles have been an advice that I am exceeding my time in front of the screen. When I am working I need concentration, and not to think about other things. Working,  absorbs me completely at the moment. But it is for me a great fun, better than anything else.  I feel an enthusiasm which I had not felt before. 

                                                                                                                         A classic design

I want to achieve some professional goals and It is necessary me to work hard to fulfill my dreams. Of course I have not always been like that, and I have had more relaxed and unmotivated times .
It is only a year I am using the social media to promote my work abroad, and thanks to that I have started to license my work. This has given me a great incentive to follow. So I feel quite proud about how things are going.

                                                                                                                                  Ethnic designs

I must start to organize much better, and to set a daily timetable and try not to exceed it. But designing is a job which it is not easy to disconnect bout. I can´t stop thinking about ideas for patterns, and even when I am out I need to take a pen and draw some fast sketches in order not to forget them. When I design times flies!  It is so easy to lose track of time when you are immersed in a pattern creation! These are the last patterns I have been working. They are different to my usual style as I am trying to develop  new styles. I hope you like them. I hope to keep feeling so motivated!

                                                                                                                                Tropical designs. 

Writing this post I have just received an email telling me some of my designs are going to be published ! So happy about it! But I prefer not to talk about it yet !Crossing my fingers!
Have a great weekend!                                                   

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