My spoonflower contest entry.

Hi, how nice you to visit me!lots of thanks!!

I have entered into another Spoonflower contest, as it is exciting. This week the theme contest is based in designing a geometrical pattern for some nice custom shoes which will be manufactured by Milk & Honey brand.
As I wrote in some last posts I am not fond of designing geometric patterns, but I have designed them lately in order to see if I was able to create some nice ones. The one I chose as my entry, I didn´t find it very suitable at first, as it is in bold colours, an it didn´t look a discreet style for shoes. I looked for information about shoes trends, and surprisingly bold printed shoes are fashionable nowadays. Therefore, I felt it could be a good option, and it has been received favourably. If you like my design, you can vote me here!

                                                                                                                          This is my entry

I was a leather bag designer for years twenty years ago, and some of my designs were featured in a Spanish leather goods magazine; therefore this contest interested me a lot, and besides the prize, as Milk and Honey will make and will sell the shoes designed for the winner. It is a good promotion. 

                                           We could use the shoe template spoonflower showed.


These are other designs which I didn´t choose to enter. I hope I did a good election.

I have entered into spoonflowers contests in some occasions, moreover at the beginning after joining the website. It is not easy to be top ten. I have only reached my best place once getting the third place. The good thing is that I didn´t ask for any votes in that time. I hope you like my design, as this time there are lots of gorgeous patterns. I also surprised about the nice mocks ups made for some designers, which look like real ones. It is worthy to have a look while you drink a cup of tea, as it is a pleasant moment to see so many nice patterns.
Good luck if you have also entered! Have a great weekend!


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