Designing for customers

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Designing for customers.

It is a long time since I have worked as a freelance designer. This is an ups and downs job, you are sometimes contacted by some brands at the same time, and other times you don´t have lots of work. 
The hard thing about it, it is to be contacted, to make customers. The good thing about it is that a good brand could need your services for ages!.I knew to work as a freelance designer meant not to have a steady salary each month, which it is sometimes hard. Anyway, I think it is worthy to try it!

                                        A cheesy and girly character for plastic labels. 

It has been difficult for me to satisfy some customers, as they thought a freelance designer is able to design anything.  I have been contacted for example for a brand to design bloody or hard rock t-shirts, or another brand which wanted me to develop its website. Working for customers is not so easy as it looks, you must be versatile. Lots of people think that designing on your computer is very easy!

I had learnt before designing, to ask for all the information I need and to know well the required tyle, lots of questions in order to have a clear idea about what  the company wants exactly.

It is sometimes difficult to make them understand the price design, as it is a long creative process in order to achieve the final design, and it is not easy to proof or to show all that done work, as I usually don´t show scketches to them.

Therefore, I know to present and to explain my design in a very appealing way is very important in order they know to value my efforts.

I was asked for a customer to create some Spanish characters for souvenirs products a long time ago!


Of course; it is quite usual that the customer to ask you to make some slight changes like changing some colours, but the worst thing is when the changes you are asked for, mean lots of extra work. My experience has taught me it is good to talk about this with your client , and to include it on its estimation.  

There is a quote which says “the customer is always right”, although this is a matter to discuss about it in some cases, isn´t it?

                  I was asked to design belts for girls. "Vaello" manufacturer. 

By the way, I have entered at a facebook dress contest! I would appreciate your vote, please!!!!

I hope you can forgive my English mistakes!

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