Believing in your work


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I have read this sentence, “believe in yourself” in lots of simple self help books, and I really didn´t pay attention to its real meaning. In fact, I thought that this sentence was nothing to do with me. But the truth it was I was full of inner and sometimes not conscious fears about my work, which made me not to show some of my designs, or to avoid talking about them to friends or relativies.

I got surprised like others designers or design students I knew, were always talking about their works, showing very proud of them. I didn´t feel comfortable being by their side; as I thought they were snob and too vain. The truth was that they felt passion for their works, therefore; they behaved like that.

It seems among artists there is not a middle point, or they are too presumptuous or they are not confident at all. I didn´t realise I was not proud of my designs, and I didn´t believe in my talent. I usually felt unsatisfied once a design was finished, feeling it was not good enought, thinking I could have improved it! The worst was that I felt this feeling for too many years. 

I wanted to write about this theme in order to help to others designers who have ever felt like me. I sometimes suffered bad times designing for brands, instead of enjoying it.

I don´t want you to think I have overcame all my fears; my shame, insecurities and doubts, but I feel much more confident and proud than ever. 

I am completely sure that if you believe you can be succesful, but taking it for granted , you could reach what you like as you will do everything you can. If you feel you are not good enought, surely you will lose lots of good opportunities, you will not take any risks, and you will not be able to sell yourself well. 
I am showing my pattern" hapy circles" on these photos as I thought this design it was too simple, nevertheless as I liked it, I summited to some brands.

"My spring circles" pattern as pilow cover selling by.

I know how important our thoughts are. I believe in the law of atraction now, which says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. 
Therefore apart from studying, working hard, and to be very sociable, try to cultivate your mind site believing in yourself, having a good self -esteem and feeling proud of your work. It is not an easy struggle.

I have still lots of mental work to do, as I sometimes compare my work to the great designers I admire, and I feel far away from their talent. Sometimes we are our own enemies, being hard, critic, and demanding with our creations. 
When you start to love your work, then you will do the right things to be succesful.
I wish you feel already like that!
Surely getting older and all my last professional experiencies have helped me to enjoy this happy and peaceful moment. I am not an inquiring mind as I used to be!!!Pephaps, who knows, I have reached a madurity state! 

Have a great weekend.                                              

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  1. Hi - thank you for a very brave post about your fears and lack of confidence. I've occasionally felt like that, particularly if someone showed a negative attitude towards my art and design. But in the end the thought that makes me bolder - which may help you, or others, - is, what is the point of creating art (or design, illustration or whatever) if you don't show it to as many people as possible. That's because I believe that all the visual arts are just our way of communicating and if we don't show our work to others, it's like talking to oneself! There will always be some who won't like what we 'say' through our art. There will many who will misunderstand what we were trying to say or won't even 'hear' the message! And there will always be artists whose work we think is much better than our own. But we have to remember that their work is their work and ours is ours and our own individual way of expressing ourselves can't be copied and I would even say it can't be 'improved' by someone else. And, by the way, I really love your patterns - and I don't say that too often!