Spoonflower fabric swatches of my patterns.

Very glad you visit me!lots of thanks!

How nice is to see your designs printed on fabrics. I always print them on paper, but I think it is great to know how colours print on cloth, as I license some of them as pillow, duvets, blankets…

I opened my spoonflower shop in June 2012, and it took me time to understand how it worked. I could open it, thanks to the nice advices well known designers gave to me! I could mention some of them, as I am very grateful to them, but I am afraid of forgetting any of them. 

                                                                          My new fabric swatches

The truth is that spoonflower community is so helpful and I have had a great time there. But I have been really busy trying to promote my work at other art sites lately, that it was months since I haven´t added new designs, commented, or entered to its week contests. I realise I didn´t make lots of connections there, I have been very slow as I only have 150 followers. But I want to be more active there again! By the way, this is my shop, http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/juliagrifol

As you know if you want to sell your design there, you must buy a swatch fabric first, in order to check if the colours are right. At first I ordered my fabric swatches on sateen, as I didn´t like how my bold colours printed on last cotton, as they looked a little like faded. On sateen it costs 5 dollars each.

At first I had to make some colours changes after receiving my first watches, but now all my experience makes me to feel satisfied with their printing results. 

At the beginning it was very useful for me to use the colour chart I bought. 
                                                                               Spoonflower swatch sampler

I am really pleased now, as new cotton prints much better now. So the best thing to save money is to print a swatch sampler, which means to print several designs, as 8x8 swatch of ach design on the same piece of basic combed cotton. I usually print from six to 15 designs, which it costs only 20 dollars plus shipping Spain costs. Cheaper, it is the option up 30 from 35 dollars. 

I am very pleased with my last swatch sampler! I am going to cut each swatch with my zig zag scissors, and add my best ones to my nice swatch book. 

Have a great weekend! I hope to see you here next Friday!

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