My patterns on products.

 Hi, how nice you visit me!lost of thanks. 

I have started to license my designs to three different brands some months ago. Some of my designs were submitted and approved for them; therefore the same design has been adapted to different types of products. 

After my experience, I have realized that the same design sell well as for example iphone cases, but it is not so commercial sold as pillows and vice-versa. Of course focusing about the product characteristics and measures before designing a pattern for applying on it, it would be the best to do, but in my case I design a pattern and I decide on which products to apply it later.  

I have also a shop at society6, and any design I uploaded to the site can be applied to pillow covers, iphone cases, framed art prints or tote bags.

I would like to have the ability or intuition to know about which of my designs are going to sell best, and on which products I should apply them, but this is not so easy. You can follow colour, home and fashion styles trends, but that your design on any product to sell well,it not only depends on a great design, but also on  many others factors such as; marketing, price, quality product, distribution and sales agents network,…So if you design is selling very well it is not only due to your talent and vice-versa. If the design doesn´t sell well, surely you are going to be the only one responsible for it, according to the brand´s or the customer´s opinion.

I am suprised as my design "My bookboks owls" it is the one of my licensed designs as duvets covers, that it has sold more items. Although I like this pattern, I wouldn´t like to fill my bed with owls!I would prefer other ones, which as duvets don´t sell so well. 

I think American people love owls more than Spanish ones. So, the country where your designs are going to be sold, it is also something to take in account. It is not easy to sell on line due to the big compentence, and you need to sell lots of items as the royalties range from 5 to 10% on the retail price. That´s not a bad porcentange at all, only that lots of your sales may be wholesale, which it means a lower royalties porcentange.

Some weeks ago I entered into a nice dress pattern contest, " THE ELSA DRESS PRINT CHALLENGE", and I bet for my "white flowers" design asking votes for it, as I thought it  fitted the brand´s style. But I entered another pattern to this same contest, which i didn´t ask any vote for it. It was funny when this design was selected as one of the five finalists!                                                                         

I remember once I designed a nice junior casual fashion collection, and this one was manufactured in China without having lots of control about printing, sewing skills and materials quality! After receiving the samples, I realized how important is your designs to be manufactured using quality procedures, materials and finishing, as I felt very disappointed and even ashamed about it!It was difficult to recognize my prints.

I am  more aware now about designing the pattern thinking about the final product where I want to aply it. But one never knows how to hit to be successful on sales!Besides that, everyones has different tastes. 

I hope you can forgive my English mistakes!

Have a great weekend!I wish you lots of inspiration and sales!

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