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Hello!welcome to my blog!thanks for visiting me!

I am trying to promote my work outside Spain, and therefore; I have to send samples of my work in order to be selected, as I  like to be featured as a designer on nice publications or blogs, or to license my patterns. But I have some doubts about making a good choice of my work lately, as I have some favorite patterns on my portfolio from my point of view, but I am not sure if they are my best ones. 

You must show the best of you sending about 10 patterns. 

                                               Some of my samples submitted to brands. 

I know before submitting your work, it is good making a research of the brand style and product, but it is sometimes difficult to distinguish or to have a clear idea about what they are looking for. I don´t know if it is much better to send patterns images with a different style, showing you are able to be versatile, or to show an own style in all of your samples which may identify your style. It would be great to know your opinion about it. 

I don´t really know which of these two options it is much better. I opted for sending a mix of styles to Zeixs publications and luckily some of my patterns were selected, but I received a rejected email from Texitura magazine yesterday. I am used to designing floral patterns and they have a similar style but my geometric patterns are not sharing that style, and that in some way I don´t know if it is good as an artist´s reputation or for my portafolio. The thing it is that I know showing versatililty is the best if you want to work as a freelance designer for different brands´s fields,  and it is also good for increasing my sales on my licensed works. 

In some cases I haven´t needed to choose the pictures to submit to, as they asked me for a short bio and a portfolio link. Surprinsingly, some brands chosed to license some of my patterns, which I thought they were not going to be selected as I didn´t think they were  good enought.

One week you feel really happy as you are successful and you receive an approval email, and the next week you feel upset as you receive a rejected one!. You must know how to balance this, as it is an up and down situation!

I am going to contact with new brands in order to license more of my work, I hope to be lucky!I cross my fingers and I hope to send the best of my work at the luckily moment !

I wish you lots of luck with your submitions. 
Have a lovely weekend!                                                  

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  1. They are all beautiful, Julia but I like the floral ones best. That may just be my personal taste, though, so I really don't know what to advise. It's easiest to send your portfolio with all of them, isn't it! It solves the problem :)

  2. Hi Judy!how nice of you! I feel happier drawing my floral ones! Yes, perphaps I shoud show some of each!lots of thanks!