Drawing trees. Patterns and illustrations.

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I have liked drawing trees since I was a girl at school. I used to draw them strong, full of life showing lots of nice leaves or by contrast I painted them slim, without any foliage, showing them lonely as if they were going to die. I don´t know if drawing these types of trees could be associated to my emotional feelings or thoughts at the time I painted them, but it is curious that extreme way of painting them. 
Perhaps a psychologist could discover something about my inner fears and character based on these trees. In fact, there is a child personality test called the tree one, used in psychological expertises in which a child must draw a tree and depending how roots, trunk, branches and foliage are drawn, it is given different interpretations. 

                                                                            Hand illustrations. 

It is also said trees have special spiritual, magical or cultural meanings. The tree of life is a universal symbol in lots of ancient cultures, the branches looking for the heaven and the roots the earth. It means the life power; it is a symbol of immortality and eternal life. 
I like to see how others artists draw or take photos from them,therefore; I sometimes write on the google search “trees art” and I feel delighted about all the nice images I discover. It is so inspiring to me. 

I went to the oculist this morning, and I must admit I was a little frightened and he told me my eyes pain was due to my eyes fatigue, too many hours on my computer screen, and that my miopia diopters raised and I suffered from dry eyes.  So, I am going to have some days of rest, far away from my computer screen. It will be nice to take some pencils and my watercolors paintings box and to draw some trees illustrations. 

Try to draw some trees, it is very fun and relaxing!

Have a great weekend!

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