My spoonflower pattern contest entry. 15th November week.

Hi, how nice you to visit me!Lots of thanks!

I have entered into another spoonflower contest. If you like, you can vote me here,

I know it is not easy to find mine, but I hope you will enjoy looking at some many great patterns. It was months since I hadn´t entered. 
This time the theme was about fall leaves. I didn´t feel like creating a new design based on this theme, as I have lots of floral patterns with leaves and I am working in new geometric icons now. I didn´t find time to design it either, so I remembered I had a design with fallen leaves, although they were tropical ones and the colours were not related to the fall season. 
I am trying to design fast and simple patterns now, not so detailed patterns as my usual style, and this one it was an easy one to design as it has only two repeated  traced icons.

                                                                                                                   My entry

So, I had a nice time making a new colour version, a faded one! Previews are shown at the fat quarter fabric size ,21" x 18". As I have told in last posts, one of the best part of designing patterns for me is making colour versions, it so relaxing and funny. Which colour palette had you choosen for this fall theme?

I followed a nice tutorial about how to make pillows mock ups using photoshop, and I did my best, but of course I hope to improve them practising!I also show this pillow mock up in my fabric page. This great tutorial was given by a talented designer,

There are lots of great leaves patterns entries this week, so it is going to be difficult to vote. If a design receive lots of comments and it is added as favourites, that is a good signal that it could be among the best top ten designs of the week. 

                                                                                   Other versions. 

I have sometimes felt upset or surprised with the selected winners and votes as I thought it was not fair, but contest are like that. I didn´t use to ask for votes before, in fact at first I thought  only designers from the spoonflower community were allowed to vote. But this time I am going to ask for them at my facebook page too.! I cross my fingers! Good luck to everyone!

Have a great weekend! 

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