Keep learning! Surface and textile design.

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It seems to me that there are so many things to learn about designing, that I am never going to feel satisfied with my knowledge. There are lots of professions like mine, in which you can´t stop learning. Working as designers, we must know about fabrics and fashion trends, about exhibitions, about last software versions... We must stay at date with everything related to surface and textile design.

I would like to be able to make my patterns using only Photoshop, as I always create traced patterns. I suppose the one who only works with a raster editing program will be willing to learn to use a vector drawing program. The one who knows making patterns with both programs and even any others, will be interested in learning how to create hand painted patterns using watercolors. You need to develop your creativity, and to show an evolution in your work, and the best way is experimenting and using other artistic techniques or styles which you don´t usually manage.

There is a nice and encouraging quote which says Anyone who keeps learning stays young", by Henry Ford. 

                            Children collection. Designed about twenty two years ago!

I have felt like that since I was an art student, always feeling I need to know more. Therefore; after studying comic and illustration, I studied also fashion design. I think in some way it is very motivating to feel like that, it makes you to make efforts, but it gives me also a feeling of dissatisfaction. Nothing is enough. I always think I could improve my designs or patterns. This is a bad thought to have, because it doesn´t make feel proud of the achievements you have reached till far. As I am very aware of this and I know I am demanding with myself, I have learnt to take things easy now and I have also started to love my designs and feel proud of them, feeling much more confident in my work. Bringing to this stage has not been an easy journey.

                        Dress design. Fashion shetch designed about 20 years ago

I have an old folder with my early drawings, and fashion sketches and when I have a look at them I realize how much I have improved my artistic skills, and I even think I have a better good taste than I used to have, thanks to all the information received from books, fairs, magazines, and all my years of professional experience.

                                                  Ink hand illustration. About 22 years ago. 

The truth is that since I was a child I had a good hand and a passion for drawing, it was a natural gift, which I could develop studying fashion and design.

What do you think about your old drawings? Sure, you think you are much better now!

Have a lovely weekend!                                         

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