Interviewing to Nandita Singh, an Indian pattern designer.

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Today I have a special guest, Nandita Singh. I am glad she accepted me to interview her. Nandita is from Varanasi, India. She now lives in West Bengal with her husband and two daughters. She proudly introduces herself as a ''working-from-home-designer-mom.

Did you feel you wanted to be a designer since you were a child?

No Julia, I never thought that one day I'll be busy making my career in designing ! Although I had a deep love for drawing and painting since childhood, may be that created a firm foundation for this creative field.

Tell us something about your background.

I'm a 'self-taught' designer....
When I started my blog 4 years ago I was in a mood to carry on with my hobby/my passion, sewing and drawing. You will find my earlier blog posts full with drawings. I loved doing it. But soon I realized that hobby and profession are two totally different things... When you plan of making your hobby your profession then you have to learn a few things by some professionals.
Two years ago I did an e-course (The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design) that changed my was truly wonderful, and I learned so much knowledge about designing.

                                                             Nandita Singh´s designs

How long how you been designing patterns?

I think I became more serious towards my work in these two years.

How would you describe your style? Which colours do you like most?

Julia, now-a-days I have started experimenting with my style to give diversity to my designs... Earlier I was just making detailed artworks and paisleys (my love), but now I am drawn more and more towards floral, geometrical, sometimes some abstract mark-making that turns into something unexpected...
About colours I'll say that I love all the bright colours red, orange, golden yellow, teal, turquoise... You will often find these colours in my work... sometimes all of them at the very same time!!!

Where do you find your inspiration? 

Julia, I've always been inspired by my country, its cultural, architectural heritage, and the diverse art forms you find here...As you know that I'm from Varanasi, India. Varanasi is a holy city, full of temples and mosques, Banarasi silk sarees, the aroma of spices, Banarasi paan (betel leaves), Ghats of river Ganga... From my childhood I have seen the paintings and carvings done on the walls and pillars of these temples and mosques. The designs and the bright colours of the silk sarees, the golden Zari work, the intricate details of the motifs used in them. These are my all time inspirations that can be seen in my artworks too.''

                                                                         Nandita Singh´s designs

How is your creative process?

I love hand-drawn designs. I first scan my motifs/designs, and then use Illustrator or Photoshop for colouring .

Where do you license or sell your your work ?

I have licensed my designs with KEKA Cases. 
You can see my work in several online webs, such as, 

                          SOCIETY6 store :

                          SPOONFLOWER fabric store :

                          ZAZZLE store :

                 store :

                          MODERN MURAL : singh

Could you tell us the worst and the best for you about being a freelance designer?

Worst... May be it is yet to come! But, about best I can say that yes, becoming a freelance designer is the best career I chose for myself. And the bonus for me is that I work from home too... I have my own office time, I have my own big BIG office -- my home!

                                                                                                    Nandita Singh´s designs

It would be nice to discover something about your daily life.How is a normal day for you?

My daily routine is just like any other 'mom'... shopping for grocery, ironing clothes, cooking-cleaning, teaching my kids-helping them complete their home-works....not to mention about yelling at them at times to keep their things in place !! YES, I know that all moms are alike, and I'm no exception...(smile).I love doing things for my family... And in between this daily household chores I take some time off to be just 'ME'--- my drawing time!

What are your plans for the future? Any dreams to fulfill?

Honestly speaking Julia, I don't have any future plans.
My kids are my first priority and I want to give all my time to them. I try my best to be there when they need me. Everyone has dreams to work for big and famous companies...every designer wants success in his/her life. I have the same secret dream.

I enjoyed interviewing to Nandita, as she is a very kind and joyful woman, and I love her naive, colourful and charming work. I hope you enjoyed it too. 



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