There´s not accounting for taste. Patterns design.

 Hello, I am glad you visit me. Lots of thanks!

According to my personal taste, I have some favorite patterns in my portfolio. The funny thing is that everyone has different tastes. Therefore; I doubt lots of times which samples of patterns to select to submit to companies, as I am not sure that my favourite ones to be my best works.

Talking to a very good designer friend of mine,I asked her for her opinition about which of my patterns she liked most, and she  advised me about not showing one of my patterns in my portfolio, the one called "My loving dogs", because she thought it was too classic, not cool at all. Of course she wanted to be frank, and her opinition was important to me. I doubt it about it, but at last I thought it was one of my creations and it was worthy to show it, so I decided to include it. Perpahs she was right, as I show it on my society6 portfolio and it is on the last place about receiving promotion or comments.

But surprisingly, it is one of my licensed designs by Artscase. The same it happens with my design ”Spring circles”, which it is on the last places on my society6 art prints, and one also selected and licensed by Artscase, and Kessinhouse.  
Some companies sometimes share the same taste, and therefore I have the same design licensed on different products, like home products or like iphone cases. This is the case of my “Pink on black”, “Fall winter”, “Spring circles”, and my “Butterflies and flowers”, designs. This is the best part about licensing, earning royalties from a same design which it is sold for several brands on different products field.
                                                                   "My floral winter" design

Another of my less promoted society6 patterns is one which has been selected and it is going to be featured in a nice publication soon. I don´t know if these patterns which have hardly been promoted, it is due that they were the first ones I uploaded to this web site. Anyway, I think these ones are not society6 taste. Sorry, if I don´t mention it before, society6 website is one of the most important arts community where talented artist from all over the world sell their prints on several products. If you don´t know it, I advised to have a look, as it is amazing the amount of gorgeous works!

I like my owls pattern, ,as it took me time to develop its repeat and it was designed expressly for one of the spoon flower contest. But I didn´t think people would like to have a duvet cover full of owls, and once more I am surprised as it my best sold design as duvet. In fact, it is one of my designs which it is bringing me more satisfaction, as it is my best sold fabric at sponflower too.

I have some patterns in my old folders in my computer which I have never finished thinking I didn´t like how they looked, and lots of traced icons I dismissed to use. In some way, I think this must be quite usual as patterns designer´s work is drawing icons and select the ones we think are better for creating our patterns.  I think it is time to look at them and who knows if I am going to see them with different eyes now.  It would be great to rescue some of them.
I wish you lots of inspiration, and good luck to make the best decisions!I realise in this profession it is very important to be a determined person. Doubting steals lots of time!


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