What are your dreams about designing?

      Hello, I feel glad you visit me. Thanks so much. 

As a new year is approaching, I  start as usual, to make some to do-lists in priority order, which help me to organize my work tasks  much better.
I have thought about what were my dreams, my goals to fulfill in my work. I know I am not an ambitious designer, the one who wants to create her own range of products,  her own business. Of course, If I dream on it, it would be great to have my own brand, but I don´t feel I am an enterprising person, and I don´t feel like going and fighting for it at the moment! That doesn´t mean at all that I am not an active, an adventurous person, or someone who doesn´t take initiatives and risks. It is only that I am not interested in that kind of business and I think in some way it may be stressful.

           Some of my designs as fabrics, available at my spoonflower shop. 

I have always designed for manufacturers, and that´s what I want to keep doing, as designing is my passion, and the only thing I want to do. If I were younger, perhaps I would be interested in creating my own brand, but at the moment I am really in peace, and I don´t feel like dedicating my time to that, to steal hours to my creative space in order to worry and deal about production, marketing, quality, sales…and everything  involved on it. I feel that this is not for me, that it would complicate my life. Anyway, I do not exclude the possibility of joining together with someone interested in making and selling my own products, as I don´t feel motivated to do it alone!
I know to have your own brand, it is their main dream for most of designers, and some of them who really fought, believed in their work and worked hard, got it. 
You must define what you really want very well in order to go after it! I know what my dreams are, and I want like you to be a successful designer.

But my goals for next year are; to license my patterns to more companies and for others fields, to increase my sales for earning more royalties, to work for important textiles studios, to be featured and interviewed in great web sites and publications, to enter in contests and to get good places, to have a good reputation, and moreover to be happy, proud and feel satisfied with my work. 

I also would love to design the patterns I like, without size, colours or themes limitations as working for others sometimes implies designing different styles to yours, and although it is a challenge, it is not so fun. 

Thinking about my dream, this is to be contacted by an important and renowed foreigner manufacturer, and to design patterns for an extense range of children fashion and stationery products, sell thousand upon thousands of them, and to be very well paid for it!

I suppose I am not the only designer with this dream, aren´t I?I love this quote which says" Nothing happens unless first we dream" by Carl Sandberg.

Lots of dreams to fulfill, and I am full of enthusiasm, and determination for reaching some of them!

I am part of this great pattern designers´ directory “The little white book of Surface pattern designers” You can find me on page 81!  http://findnewdesigners.pixpasites.com/                                  
So, I have to be persistent, and it is not enough wish for it, I must work very hard in order to reach it creating gorgeous patterns, promoting my work , and having lots of professional relations. The most important thing to be able to get it, it is to be optimistic, to have a clear mind, and believe in your work and that you deserve it. Lack of confidence, is the worse obstacle to fulfill your dreams. As the quote says “If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right” by Henry ford.

I hope you can forgive my English mistakes!Sorry for them!

Nothing happens overnight!

Have a great weekend!                              

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  1. Hola Julia!
    Congrats for the feature! Your designs are lovely, really cheerful. Feliz año nuevo y mucho exito!
    Xo, Elba Valverde @ livecolorful.com