My first patterns in 2014.

Hello, glad you to visit me! Lots of thanks. 

I have been working in new patterns, trying to make them simpler and faster. I love designing flowers and butterflies patterns, but these detailed icons take me lots of hours to design, even days, as some of the repeats are intricate. In some way I want to to feel I am more productive and geometric patterns allows me to be faster. 

Therefore; I want to design simpler, easier and larger motives thinking in patterns which are going to be rendered to home products. I think they can be more commertial than my floral ones, but ones never knows how to hit on the taste of the client. 

These are some of my new  patterns in 2014. I started to design my “Veracruz” design some weeks ago, but I left it without finishing, as I am not used to designing geometric patterns I wasn´t sure if I liked it. If I am sincere it was so easy to design it that I thought that it was too simple. I opened this file some days ago, and I looked at my design with other eyes, thinking that it was nicer now. So I  finished it and I did also a red and a black colour way. 

These simple leaves shapes design is a coordinated pattern. I designed it for a floral main pattern. I have designed a grey colour way too. I must add them to my spoonflower shop and I want to ask for some swatches fabric to check its colours. 

I am finishing some other patterns, but they are exclusive ones, so I can´t show them on my blog as  I want a fabrics brand to license them. 

Yesterday was not a good day for me, but this morning I was happy to see the lovely  dress a customer from Spoonflower made with my owls dress.She made my day!  It is so rewarding to see so pretty dress and to know it has been made as a gift for a little girl from Asia. Thanks Allison!

                                   My design as fabric selling at,

Have a great weekend!!See you next friday!

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