Saint Valentine´s day! Hearts patterns!


Hello, so happy you visit me. Today is a special day , isn´t 

Today is 14 th February, Saint Valentine´s day. I know lots of people are against this festivity day, as they think it is a day invented for consumerism and it is too commertial. But as I am a very romantic woman, I love to have any excuse for having a celebration. I am really delighted with the idea of showing my love to the person I love to, and I want to create a special day today, mainly having a great romantic dinner.

In Spain it is not so usual as in U.K or America about sending greetings cards. In fact, I don´t like to give a cheesy card full of pink hearts or loving motives to the person I love to. Nevertheless,  I love to see them, as I appreciate their great designs. I am thinking of creating some greetings cards, as I think it is a very creative field. 

In Spain as the rest of the world, it is quite usual to give flowers, lingerie, or perfume as gifts to women. I hope my love to be more original and him to give to me something unexpected. But the truth is, that I don´t mind the type of gift, as  the most important is he wants to celebrate it with me.

I love creating childish patterns, therefore, I have designed some hearts shapes motives on some of my girly designs as the shown below. 

I hope you feel very happy, and you share a special  an exciting day with your lover, and not only today, but for years! not an easy task, as routine kills passion and excitement! So, we should try to create lots of special and romantic moments, and not forget the important it is to know to express our feelings and love. But “facts are worth a thousand words”.

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