Another Spoonflower contest! My pattern entry.

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I have entered into a new Sponflower contest. Spoonflower is a wonderful website where you can print your patterns as fabrics and sell them. The theme for this week was “geodes, gemstones, and special stones”. 

This how my pattern is shown on the contest.

The truth is that this time I haven´t designed this pattern exclusively for this contest, as I designed it some weeks ago. I had doubts if to enter with it, but at last I decided it was a good idea. 

I must admit my entry is a quite simple pattern comparing to the great realistic patterns which shows bright gems and geodes using wonderful texture artistic techniques. But these patterns must be printed on fabric, so in some way I think my entry may be usable on home products or fashion ones as their colours are soft and elegant. 
My entry was designed as a coordinate pattern for my “Simple circles" design, which I am showing below. I thought “My small stones”  could suit the theme.

I am going to license this one for a home products brand soon.



My portfolio is full of bold and lively patterns, so it is great to design smart, simple and faded colours ones now in order to show more variety. I have some doubts about if I should attach to an unique style, but I think I need to make different styles now as an evolution stage of my creativity.

There are gorgeous patterns this week, therefore; I would advise you to have a look and to vote for your favourite ones!I know which ones I am going to vote!I will be happy if I am in your votes list!

Some of the other entries!You can vote only till nex Thursday 27 February! clicking here,

Have a great weekend!

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