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I have worked in geometric patterns lately, and I found it very funny as it is faster and easier for me than my floral patterns. I also find that simple geometric patterns to fit better for home products. The thing what it worries me a little it is that my portfolio, is not showing a unique and similar style which I think it is very important in order to show your own identity. 

I have read on great blogs about textiles or surface design that it is important to show and create your own style different to others ones. But I have also read that if you want to earn your living as a freelance designer you must show you are versatile. So, I don´t know if I am developing a proper portfolio, but I love experimenting, and it is boring for me to attach to the same style as I feel I am not progressing, that I am stuck. Nevertheless, when I think about designers I admire, I realize they stand out from the rest just because they have developed a style which it makes they can be recognized easily, distinguished from every other artist. So contradictory thoughts!

This is my dilemma today. As I am licensing my patterns to different brands, I must be commercial and therefore I have decided to design simple geometric patterns which contrast with my detailed or childish flowers patterns. That way I can offer to companies both themes. I am doubting if my geometric patterns should look similar in style to my floral ones, in order to reach an homogeneous style. I am afraid today I am doubting too much!ha,ha..bad thing to do! I am in a mess, thinking out load and sharing it with you.

It would be great to know your opinion and how are you developing your portfolio! 

This is one of my latest geometric patterns. It is the first time I use an ikat effect on one of my patterns.

I wrote about the bad times I have had when a company has contacted to me as they thought that as freelance designer I was able to develop all they wanted. 
In some occasions when I have been asked to develop a children fashion collection by a Spanish brand for example,  I have also been asked at the same time to create their web site or to update it or create their logo and business card. I have no idea of developing web sites, even I was helped to develop my blog by another designer. I feel in some way annoyed when this happen to me. I have specialized in children products, which it is for me an extended field, but if I tell to a company that I don´t know how to develop a web I feel they think as If I were not skillful or competent  enough.
 It is funny to read the Spanish designing job ads, as you must be very versatile, know lots of different softwares, speak fluent English, know to work under pressure, travel to international fairs, to have a long timetable which doesn´t allow you to conciliate with your family life, all that work devotion just for just a low salary. That´s why I have worked as freelance for so many years from my studio home, as brands pay much better to outside freelance designers.

Another geometric design with ikat effect.

My conclution is that  my portfolio should show a unique style but as a freelance designer I should be very versatile!It is complicated for me to match both!

I hope you can forgive my English mistakes! I hope you have a great weekend!

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