Painting by hand. Another illustration.

So nice you visit me! Lots of thanks!

I studied Illustration and fashion design about twenty five years ago. Oh, it sounds so far away!I learned how to paint with ink, watercolours, acrylic, oil paintings, markers, and to use lots of artistic techniques. 

But I haven´t painted by hand for so many years, that I feel clumsy trying to do it now. I don´t feel skillfull at all now, as I used to be. Nevertheless, I must be persistent as I think practicing, I will be able to paint easily again. 

As an art student I made lots of different paintings, realistic and abstract ones, but what I liked most, it was to paint a childish illustration style using a mix of ink and watercolors. My illustration teacher encouraged me to develop this style, but after finishing my studies, I started to design bags for a company  and started to learn to use design software, so I left that kind of illustrations apart.

Last Saturday morning, I took my old and dirty watercolour painting box, and I painted a tree using this style. I know it is not a neat and well developed painting, but perphaps this is just what it is nice of it! I am showing it here. I hope you like it.  I feel that something of my inner spirit soul is reflecting on it. I named it" My magical tree".

I painted it on a stained cardboard which I created about twenty years ago and I found it on an old folder. I used to create that stained papers putting them on my bath and mixing paintings on them. I must make more papers like them as I love painting on them.

                                                                                                My table is a mess!
I feel quite busy at the moment trying to do lots of things at the same time. I am in lack of time for my real social life as I am devoted to designing all the time I can, and having children it is sometimes difficult to find more free time.  My great boys twins are twelve years old now, and they have started to be more independent now.

 I had to crop my  oadjustittosomeproducts.Sellingon,

But I am sure I will try to find some free hours, in order to listening music and take my watercolour paintings box and have fun letting my imagination fly. It is so relaxing. I spent long hours in front of my screen computer, too many, and social media also steals my free time. I need a breath, as some days I don´t enjoy of my lovely sunny Spanish weather being all the time on my home studio! I hope to find the needed balance!
Once again, I hope you can forgive my English mistakes and my simple writing!

Have a great weekend!                                  

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  1. Lovely post Julia! Really enjoyed reading about and seeing your design processes. I think your new painted design is great and I love the colours too!

  2. Rebecca. Thanks so much for writing such a nice comment! much appreciated!