taking photos for creating patterns!

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There are some moments when designing makes me feel a little stressed, and one of this moment it is when I don´t know what to draw for making new patterns. It is like a lack of inspiration, which it makes me feel even in a bad temper. On the contrary; I am in a good moon when I feel with lots of inspiration and I develop lots of ideas sketching for hours and filling my papers of doodles. I know these ideas will lead me to develop three or four patterns

Last week, I was like that, feeling without good ideas, and I also felt very tired as I am very obsessed with working and spent lots of hours in front of my computer, too many!

So, I had the great idea of disconnecting for a while and to go to a beautiful place in my town, “the botanic garden”. This is a small garden, but there are about 4500 species from all the world!I don´t know anything about photography and my camera is a digital cheap one, but I thought I could take some nice photos of flowers and leaves there!

As I have commented in last posts, lately I have created patterns from photos or scanned things, experimenting I have created patterns which I am not used to make. Therefore; I took beautiful photos of flowers and leaves. I thought they could be manipulated using fliters at photoshop using, and then eliminating backgrounds and tracing them automatically in illustrator, I could get nice motives to use. I love designing flowers but you can take photos of other things which inspires you. I think this creative method is funny and motivating. I am sharing with you in case you had not tried yet! 

Of course, you can get inspired from photos of google images, but as I wanted to work and manipulate them, therefore, I decided to take mine.

These are some of the photos I took. Of course, they are not good photos or amazing ones, but I am sure that only looking at them you can imagine a pattern, or a print! I haven´t done anything with them yet, but I am sure I will be able to get some patterns from them!

Some weeks ago I took a photo of an old car bonnet, its peeling painting, and this photo led me to these vector shapes !At last I used this shaped pattern as the background of another butterflies pattern, which I commented how I had designed it in my last post!  Experimenting with photos , sure you will enjoy it!

Have a nice weekend! see you next friday!!

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    1. Virginia, I am glad you liked it! thanks for your comment!

  2. I can see you had a lot of fun designing! esta precioso!!!

  3. So nice to see your process, beautiful art and nice writing style too! I like it all!

    1. Ellie, how nice of you! so happy you liked it!thanks a lot!