The ikat efffect. Pattern design

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In my spare time, I love googling trying to find tutorials to learn more effects or techniques to use in my patterns. I found this tutorial some weeks ago about how to create an ikat effect; According to Wikipedia “is a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles that employs a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft fibres prior to weaving. The word ikat derives from the Indonesian word mengikat 'to tie'. I had seen some ikat patterns showed at facebook different designers lately and I wondered how they made that effect.

                                   Ikat dyed silk warp, undyed cotton weft. Uzbekistan.mid 19th century

The best for me of this great tutorial is that it is on illustrator software as I only design vector patterns. I found other good tutorials about creating ikat effects, but they were for creating them on Adobe photoshop.The author of this tutorial is a talented pattern designer with lots of experience using this effect. 

The truth is that these last days I have tried to make that effect and I must admit I need to practice much more, as I have only designed three patterns simulating the ikat effect. Simulating the effect is quite simple. You create a simple shape, then selec it, and select Effect > Stylize > Scribble. You must  adjust the settings.It is not so easy for me to know which settings to write on the pop up dialogue box, so I moved them till I got a satisfied shape.

I think the best is to experiment and practise.

I like my ika patterns, but the effect on them is too slight, I need to make the edges of the motives more irregular, to reach more contrast among them to get that blurred look. But if the edges of the motives are very pronounced it looked like tribal, or ethnic style ,so I am not going to modify these patterns as they look cool to me. It is very usual to create ikat chevrons stripes patterns, so I will try to make one! This is one of my ikat patterns which is quite simple, but lately I am enjoying of making easy ones now!

You can see ikat fabrics here for getting inspiration,
I hope you have fun experimenting with this great effect!

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