My patterns on real products!

        It makes me glad you visit me! lots of thanks!

I have my designs on products mock ups on webs such as cafepress, society6, kessinhouse,..But I hardly have photos of my designs on real products. So, I tried to look for the ones I have on my computer yesterday, but it was a difficult task as I am very messy, and I have lots of folds with similar names. 

At last, I found some of them, but others I haven´t been able to find them yet! I wanted to find all of them and save them together in a folder.
I think they can be useful for showing to future clients or for sending them when I send submissions to brands. The pity is that these photos are not good or artistic ones, but  they are the only ones I have. 

Some years ago I worked as a freelance designer for several Spanish brands, not licensed but selling my designs outright, but then I didn´t care about taking photos once my designs were manufactured on products. I think I started to be aware of this when I submitted ten patterns to a pattern book publication, and they answered me they liked my work but they also wanted photos of these designs on products. I was so surprised! Of course I thought about my mock up photos on Pod sites, but they are at 72 dpis, and they wanted high resolution photos.

In fact a mock up doesn´t show the real printing colours , of course it gives a very god idea of how the products can look, and even sometimes they are so well made, that they look like real ones.

Nowadays all designers who promote their work on internet have similar mock ups, and they can make them on photoshop too, so, I think it is a good idea to try to make this folder. One of the brands where I license some of my patterns,  sent several iphone cases to me, which I must say I love, as they are very well printed. But I realize that I have very few photos, so from now on I am going to try to get more with my prints on. It is very rewarding to see you designs on real products, so I think it is worth collecting them, even just only for my satisfaction!

Perphas you have been more careful than me, and you already have this folder, if not it is a good idea to create it! Have a great weekend! 


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