I feel glad you visit me! This time my blog post is full of beautiful floral patterns from talented designers all over the world! Enjoy the wonderful  work! 

Spring starts on the 21st March in Spain, and it is the best season for me, as it is so sunny, so pleasant, so bright days that it makes me feel full of energy and good mood. Spring is also related to rebirth, renewal, and hope.  

I suppose for foreigners our Spring is like a hot summer, as it is about 24° C. It is delighted to see how the colourful flowers have bloomed! By the way, a famous Spanish poet, describes Valencia, my town, as “the land of “flowers, light and love,” and it is a famous quote for us. 

I am Mediterranean, used to warm weather. I can´t stand windy, and rainy days, and I avoid snowy places,  I don´t know why but I am always cold. I still sleep with a nordic duvet!and no, I am not exagerating! 

I remember I had really a bad time when I lived in Manchester,(England) for a year, as the weather affected me, missed the light blue sky! I felt like a fish out of water!It is clear winter is not for me!

I wanted today to fill my blog post of flowers, of joy, of good vibes, in order to cheer our souls, and take away and forget life troubles. I wanted with this post to transmit hope, and wanted everyone who looks at it to feel glad!I am writing this post and I am like a girl in spite of my age! I keep having my enthusiasm, and it would be nice we were able to leave our inner child free from time to time. It is sometimes deep hidden... but you know it is there.!

Therefore, I asked some talented designers to send some floral patterns to me, and I am very grateful to them as they loved my idea and wanted to enter!I am excited to show you those amazing artworks!I love all of them! It is so interesting to see how others designers interprete their ideas and develop their patterns.









Did you feel good feeling looking at them? I hope so!That was my intention!

It has been a pleasure to make this post, as I have chatted with some designers, discovered their great webs and work!Lots of thanks!
Have a great Easter time!


12 comentarios:

  1. Hi Julia, I so much wanted to send you some flowers but I ran out of time! Such a lovely cheery post just what you had imagined! Dawn :)

  2. Hello Dawn, I missed yours! but I undertand you, we are so busy...Thanks a lot, yes, it is lovely!

  3. THANKS Julia! Loved seeing everyone's work :-)

  4. Annie, glad you like it! is is beautiful!lots of thanks

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    1. Hi, I am Spanish trying to write my blog in English, and I am doing my best! I am sorry for some of my mistakes!thanks a lot for your nice comment!

  6. Hi Julia, thank you very much for including my design in your wonderful floral showcase! All the designs are beautiful and it has certainly brightened my morning looking at them :)

    1. Rebecca, I am very grateful to all of you! so great patterns, thanks a lot!

  7. So joyful and colorful. Thanks for including me in this fabulous display, Julia!

    1. Ellie, ita was a pleasure and I am really happy with the beautifil showcase! lots of thanks!

  8. Hi Julia, thanks your very much for including my design in this awesome post along with these great artists. :-)

    1. Gloria, it is me who is grateful and happy for such gorgeous patterrns! lots of thanks! I wanted a happy post, to cheer us with only looking at it!