My leaves pattern


Lately I have designed some geometric patterns, but the truth is that I feel much more comfortable and glad when I design floral or botanical ones, moreover in a childish way. It is like a necessity, as I felt that drawing flowers to inmerse myself in an idylic moment, out of life troubles, aloof from the world and with my head in the clouds, just as when I was a girl and loved to draw flowers everywhere.  I wonder if our inner soul or character is transmitted in our work.
Some months ago I submitted some patterns to a magazine, and this time I was not lucky to be selected, so I forgot about these patterns. I found them some weeks ago, and  I looked at one of them with different eyes, and I thought it would be nice to change its colours and to see if I liked the result.It is one of my few ones whose colour palette is soft, as I designed it thinking in home products. 

This was a very easy pattern to make as it is quite simple, same leaves shapes, ones over others, but it took me time to develop its repeat, that was where I invested more time. 

I think that it is influenced by modernism movement as I am very fond of it. I know designing leaves patterns is a recurring theme, not original at all, and quite usual among patterns designers.  

I sometimes feel frustrated about the gorgeous patterns I see from others artists, but I am sure that feeling is also very usual among designers and painters, aren´t I? I feel happy with my pattern and with its colorways as I was the one who designed it! It is good to be proud of our artwork, believe in your work will make others value it too, so easy to tell it in words! I have also licensed it for home products, so cross my fingers, I hope it sells very well!

Have a great weekend! See you next friday!

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  1. Lovely patterns Julia... Love both the colourways! I love your style--- simple but effective.
    Keep up your good work...

  2. Nanditark, how nice comment of you!lots of thanks!