Step by step.

   Welcome to my creative space! So happy you visit me!

These last weeks I was feeling a little unmotivated due to some submissions rejections,  and mainnly about my tiredness as I have been working very hard even at weekends. I have been involved not only in designing, but promoting, submiting, contacting... But it seems my efforts are worthy, as things have started to go very well lately. That makes me feel in a good mood now. 

I feel that my artwork is a projection of myself, so  I take both, my failures and successes in a very personal way. I know I should not to take things like that, but I can´t help it. 

                                          My design as wallpaper to colour for children.

Surely, this is due to the fact that I am Mediterranean, Spanish, and my character is passionate, emotional, and very expressive. This way of being is innate in me as I have always been like that. 
Anyway, I am doing my best to try to get an emotional balanced and not to feel very affected for these ups and downs on my sales, promotion, submissions or  contests enters. 

I feel I have had a good run lately; I got second place at Spoonflowers contest two weeks ago, am going to be up on a new gadgets brand web in a couple of days as I signed a licensing agreement two months ago , I have been featured on the nice Tractorgirl blog last Monday, I received two approval e-mails about being featured in one great surface design and another Art blog yesterday, I am in talks with two brands to license my work, and lots of my new designs on kessinhouse products like rugs, are on sale at Amazom now, 

All these little achievements  make me feel I am going on the good track, as it has been about eighteen months since  I started to promote my work on the net. 
Step by step, every single spot of sand counts! 

Of course there are days I feel frustated or upset when things don´t go as I expected, but today is not a day of those, so I wanted to be positive and to cheer you up! 
I hope my joy lasts at least some more days!
Sure, lots of good things will come to you soon!

By the way, Surttex, the leading fair trade for original art and design in North America opens its doors this nex Sunday, on May 18th! I enjoyed myself  looking at some of the gorgeous flyers showed at the wonderful blog, Wow, What amount of  amazing and talented designers!Good luck to all the exhibitors!

I hope you have a great weekend and you visit me next friday! Bye for now!


4 comentarios:

  1. Well done, Julia - lovely to hear all your news. It's hard work getting your work out there as well as producing it in the first place and you need perserverance. But it's wonderful to read that you have plenty of that!!! I think it's an up-and-down ride for all of us, whether or not we come from a Mediterranean country and we probably just have to accept that that's the way it is! Keep on keeping on - you're obviously very much on the right track :)

    1. Judy Adamson, How lovely from you such a nice comment! Much appreciated! Yes, we must be perseverant and work hard! Wishing you the best!thanks!

  2. Julia, this is a great post! However, do not get frustrated every time that things don´t come as expected. Artists have great expectations and I learn through the years that we have to convert failures in big opportunities ;-) as you said, every little counts!!

    1. Gloria Urech, I am glad you liked it!Thanks for you lovely advices! I will try to follow them! greetings, julia