A new illustration. Patterns and designs by Julia grifol.

      Hello! I am glad you visit me!Lots of thanks!

I have been designing patterns on my computer for so long, that I hardly paint by hand. I talked about some illustrations I used to create, about 20 years ago on old posts. I have tried these last days to create a new one in that same style. 
I must admit I feel not so good now at using my ink skills as I used to, and besides my eyes were tired these last days.  
Luckily, some days using eyesdrops, have relieved me completeley. 

I started this illustration only with the planning of designing a big butterfly and some flowers. The funny thing is that I made this kind of stained paper with oil paints mixing on my bath about 22 years ago, when I was an Art student. I found it hidden in my oldest folder. 

I tried to draw the motives with pencil at first, but I didn´t want to be longer, as in that way it seemed boring to me. So I took my black marker pen and I felt like a child drawing without any control. It took me three days to finish it , as I painted it in my free time when I was out of my computer screen, at short whiles. 
After tracing the drawing in black, I thought it looked not nice at all. The butterfly was too big comparing to the rest. I thought about leaving without finishing or throwing it away. But at last I decided to paint it. 

I painted it with my old watercolour box. I was not careful as I didn´t take small or different sizes brushes, I only used one of my cheap big ones! 

In the middle of my painting I realized it was full of mistakes, the ink and the paint was mixed, it was like a chaotic drawing. I thought; what a messy drawing!But I am quite persistent, and I told myself; "take it easy, you are expressing yourself in a very childish way, it is definitely a mess but you did it, keep painting to see how it looks at the end and see if you can improving it."
The best about it, it is that I enjoyed myself a lot, so relaxing time!

I think it is over, l know  I could add more motives, but I don´t feel like adding any more. It took its moment and I can´t stay longer on it!

I left it on my drawing table and forgot about it. When my children arrived home yesterday, they looked at it, and told to me, oh mum, how nice, you worked hard on it! I was surprised and that it made me to think... perhaps it is not so bad after all! 
I think it has its charming, and it looks naive. I think it will look cool as iphone case! 

I thought it was nice to show some pictures of my creative process on it. I took some few photos and in a hurry, but I hope it gives you an idea. 

Have a nice weekend! I hope you visit me next Friday!         

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