My home studio. Julia grifol, Patterns designer.

   Hello, welcome! So glad you visit me!

I spent lots of hours a day in my studio home, the place where I create my patterns and designs. Today, I thought it would be nice to share my creative space with you.

Although it is a small room, I feel very comfortable in it. It is a modest studio furnished with ikea office items, as I love this brand style. It is a very bright room as I have a big window from which I can see a nice park full of palms and trees, and a blue sky. 

I have found in this room the peace and concentration I need. 
I draw my patterns on my computer on my desk, and the other side I have a big table where I can paint by hand. That´s all what I need. I also have a big wardrobe full of old folders, books, paints boxes…You can see it on the right of the photo.

Before being mother, I had stages where loneliness was sometimes hard to deal with.
Therefore, I rented a beautiful studio at an attic in the center of my town shared with a fashion designer, a good friend of mine for a couple of years. I had very pleasant moments there. In our short free time or when we finished work, we had a cup of coffee and chatted together or with some friends relaxing in its big terrace.It was also very helpful to share opinitions and suggestions about our creations. This is one of the things I missed more. 

But some months before being a mum, being pregnant with twins, I was asked for the doctor to rest on bed, so I decided to move home again. 
After giving birth, as first months were busy I felt it was much better to make a studio in my house again. In that way, I was able to balance my time among my family and work much better. Of course, I counted with lots of help, in order to keep working. 

My children are twelve now, much water has flowed under the bridge since then; I lived in Manchester when my babies were 9 months for a year, I worked as a designer inside a company for a couple of years, I travelled to nice countries on holidays, my children started to atudy at high shool...

I love art deco,Art Noveau movements, and fashion design too. These are some of my old books which are on my shelves. 

I am glad of working from home now, as it allows me to organize my time. I don´t find working alone hard now, as I need silence to concentrate and for being productive. Belonging to some facebook designers groups it is very motivating and it helps to feel you are not alone.   

“There is a time for everything”. Working outside helped me to value working from home now. Of course it has some disadvantages; like working more than I should, it is more difficult to disconnect from work, my social life is not so good now…But in my case, it is worthy. Anyway, I don´t know if I will need to be out again in some years !

I hope you have a great weekend and to see you here next friday! 

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