From photo to vector patttern

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I wrote a post about the day I went to the Botanical garden in my city, some weeks ago. I told you that I thought some the floral photos I took that day, could led me to create some patterns.

From all the pictures I took, I selected two ones which inspired me more than the other ones. 
These last weeks I have worked on them, and I have finished two new floral patterns based on these photos.

I used some light artistic filters and I converted the pictures to gray scale mode on photoshop, with lots of contrast. I realised that it was better not to convert it into only black and white as lots of areas like colour shades were missing. I was just playing, learning, as I don´t usually use photoshop for creating my patterns.  

I traced them at illustrator using the live trace function.
It was a little messy the traced images, as there were lots of tiny shapes. I deleted, and I improved lots of shapes in order they look like flowers petals.I also cleaned the background.

I painted both patterns using tone on tones colours, in order they look like colour shades. 

The part I didn´t enjoy so much, it was creating its repeats, as I had to change the distribution of the motives several times to get a nice repeat for me. 

I  would like sometimes to separate the motives in order not to make the repeat difficult, but I usually overlap them in my patterns. 

I am in that stage now, but I think I will change it soon, making simpler repeats.

I know they are not my usual childish style, but  I quite  glad with the result. 

They were exclusive work I made specially for submitting a brand, and I was not sure if they were going to like it, but luckily they did!

I have discovered a new technique for me, instead of tracing my motives with my mouse or my wacom tablet. 
I had a very good time experimenting. Sure, practising a lot, I will be able to create better patterns.  

I have also discovered how pleasant it is to take photos for my work and for getting inspiration! I think I will buy a better camera soon, and will read tutorials! 

I hope you find lots of inspiration and to have fun designing and painting!

Have a great weekend!                                                          

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  1. Julia, thanks a lot for sharing your techniques and inspiration with us. Both patterns are nice but my fave the second one. Well done!! Keep on experimenting and learning! Always a pleasure to read your posts :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your way of processing! It's very interesting.

    1. Nadine, glad you found it interesting! They are the first ones! thanks so much.

  3. Hello Gloria, So glad you like it! lots of thanks! You are very kind!