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I have read lots of times that designers should design their patterns thinking on which types of products they would like to apply those designs, and before starting, they should be up to date with the last trends in that field.  

Lately, my last patterns have been designed thinking in home products, therefore; I have used softer colour palettes, and they have not my childish style. 

But it is a necessity for me after some time creating some of these more serious or for women patterns, to come back to my childish floral patterns style. It makes me feel very comfortable, as I feel much more confident and free creating them as they are easier to develop them. I have fun with them! 

When I design them, I think in children fashion, so this is one of my goals now, one of my dreams, to be able to license my patterns to a nice fashion kids brand. I imagine them on beatiful girls´s apparel. 

I will focus in creating these types of main patterns these next weeks, but I should also create some coordinates, in order to submit them as collections to fabric brands.

I am showing you my latest floral patterns. I hope both luckily to be licensed for home products soon. I think they will also fit well for a girl´s room. Cross my fingers!

                                                   "FLOWERS MIX" pattern                                              
I enjoyed a lot creating them. I think they are the kind of patterns which make me to meet again with my inner girl in me. I have always loved to draw floral doodles since I was a girl. I must say that when I studied illustration and fashion design, I  was only interested in creating artwork for children.

In my"floral Mix" pattern ,I created a tone on tone blue stained background tile, and it was added down my other floral tile. 

I worked as a freelance designer for years creating patterns for a Spanish company which got a Disney license for selling school items, mainly shool bags. 
I also once was asked to design some Barbie( Mattel license) screen patterns for a wide range of products such as umbrellas, pens, pencil cases, beauty sets,...by another brand, using its season guide. All these experience made me to learn a lot, and to approach to the screen patterns. 

Disney and Barbie guides are full of great motives, characters and patterns. This work experience led me to want to create my own motives, to design patterns created by me. Surely, my girly style on my patterns is due to be influenced in some way by all this last work, as I have hardly designed for boys.

                                                "HAPPY GARDEN" pattern 

In my "happy garden" pattern, I have used a transparency effect. First I used a transparency lense effect, but I as I didn´t control the  resulting colours, and I had doubts about how they would print, I preffered to simulate those transparencies with a solid colour. I always check my patterns colours asking for fabric swatches from my Sponflower shop, which it helps me a lot to feel they look right!

My children, twelve years old twins, complain about my girly style, and when I show my patterns licensed on iphone cases, they ask me” but mum ,when are you going to design  iphone cases designs for boys? Every time I show a finished pattern to them, they tell me having a long face, flowers again? Besides I think they find them cheesy!

My pattern on products. http://society6.com/JuliaGrifoldesigns/happy-garden-gOQ_Print#1=45

I will try to design a pattern for teenagers boys. This is something I am going to make for them. I hope to give them a iphone case to each one designed by me as present next birthday! 

But I am afraid to hit their taste is going to be a hard task!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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