Hello! A new friday day! I am glad you visit me!

I have been a freelance designer on the web for about two years, lately licensing my work to several brands. At first, I didn´t know at all it was necessary me to promote my work or my licensed products.

A facebook friend tried to convince me I should promote more my licensed products telling me lots of times that it helped a lot to have better sales of them, but I was not aware of this truth. 

I felt that if I did it, I was losing my time, that it was going to steal my designing time and moreover I felt it was really boring for me! 

I thought for myself, after all if I have been a freelance designer for more than 20 years and I didn´t have to promote before, why should I promote now?

I didn´t realize that it was very different, now I didn´t sell my designs outright to brands as I used to do, now I tried to sell on the web! a more difficult task for me. So, it seemed to me that it was really a nonsense to do it. I denied admit that I had to promote.

It took me months to realize that if you want to sell on the web, it is necessary to promote. We are lots of artists trying to make a living on the web, so promoting yourself and your designs, you are increasing your visibility and your presence, you are making people know you and you are creating an identity.(more or less repeating what I was told and not understood)                                                              

For me promoting now, it is like a game. I feel I am like a spider creating a spiderweb, step by step it is becoming bigger, reaching more goals. 

Everything you post, each comment, each blogpost, each photo, it is recorded on the web for ever,you are creating your reputation. 
I was more aware of that, when a friend told me to write my name at google search and see how many pages there were showing links related to my work. I was really surprised. You could try too!

I have found a blog whre you can read some nice tips to have your art noticed! 

I must say and it is checked, that it is clear that I receive better royalties after having promoting those products myself. And where am I promoting my work, you will think? Mainly at facebook, twitter, linked,
pinterest, wanelo, and fancy. Of course, comparing to others designers, I am using even a reduced social media, as it is plenty of places where to promote. I still don´t know how Instagram works!

Some days, I realize I have spent all my day not only promoting, but checking my sales, reading my e-mails, opening new accounts at new Pod sites, writing my blog post, downloading new work... Those days I complain about the fact that I have not designed any new pattern, but now I know and understand, it is so worthy as designing. 

Some days I can feel a little overwhelmed about all the work to do, and I feel it is like a snowballl, which it is bigger every month, not easy to deal with so many shops, and social media platforms.  

The truth it is that it is lots of work to do, but I think if you are persistent, you will see it will bear your fruit!

I try to find a balance now between promoting and designing. Therefore, for me the best it is promoting after a working designing day, evenings and even nights or weekends. In that way, I feel I am doing both things! The thing is not to have the feeling that I am breaking my designing time, as I need lots of concentration to make patterns!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Relaxed and pleasant one!


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  1. Interesting to read how you've found a balance between promoting and designing. Very helpful post, Julia :)

  2. Judy, glad you like it! you are very kind. Thanks a lot!