I love children pattern design!

Hello!! thanks for visiting me! I hope you are enjoying the last days of August!

I have come back from my holidays in the south of Spain. I had a great time in a famous town called Tarifa,(Cadiz),well known for its surfing beach.

It is full of the best surfing brands shops, and I had a pleasant time watching flowers patterns. I think I got lots of inspiration from that bohemian and surfing way of life.

Although I was on holidays, I tried to work one or two hours a day making some ink drawings in order to use in my new patterns. I broke my pace of work with this great break, so it is very useful I have motives by hand to work with them now.  

I received some days ago, some nice photos of some children fashion apparel, made with some of my fabrics by a Canadian dressmaker, Allison. 

I thought about her and wrote to her as she had made a beautiful dress with my design "The boobook owls" fabric,  and she was so kind of sending me some photos to show it to me. 

I was delighted with that nice dress, therefore, I thought it was a good idea to have real photos showing my fabrics! So, I wrote to her and I asked her to make some dresses and tunics with some of my spoonflower fabrics. She agreed and she was very kind to me sending me lots of photos. 

These are the four fabric designs I chose, on sale on my Spoonflower shop. 

It is funny because although I studied fashion design about 25 years ago, and in my beginnings I designed children fashion, I worked in other field, designing school bags collections and leather bags for years. Anyway, thanks to it I started to design screen patterns. 

I have been always very interested in children fashion, buying Bambini and Vogue magazines, visiting the international children fair which was held in my town twice a year( the exhibition is held in Madrid now)http://www.fimi.es/, googling to find trends…I love everything which it is related to kids fashion and design!

My next goal is to try to license my patterns for children fashion to some nice brands.I hope to be lucky!

I think you can notice my love for childish design, as in my portfolio there are lots of vibrant, girly and naïve patterns.

I wish you lost of inspiration and motivation!September is a good month to plan new projects, isn´t it?

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