Real products photos of my designs patterns.

   Hello! Lots of thanks for visiting me!

I am trying to have some more photos of real products of my designs.Although I am licensing my designs to some brands, they show my designs on the net on great home mock ups products photos, but not on real ones. 

                                My pattern" Tropical leaves" printed on Society6 mugs. 

As I told in a last post, a trend blog I contacted to, asked me if I had real products of my patterns, and since that moment I realised and was aware that I hardly had some photos of them. I was really surprised about this fact.
Therefore, I decided to create a computer folder and to keep there all the ones I had.

                     My pattern" Tropical leaves" printed on Society6 mugs. 

Some weeks ago, I ordered to Society6 some mugs and pillows covers of some of my designs, in order to make some photos of them. Unfortunately, some pillows cases never arrived to me, but I was told kindly they will be sent to me again. I hope to receive them in some weeks!

I am afraid designing and promoting is very adictive. I often loose the track of time and forget to do other things. I am always asking to me, but how is it possible to be so late?

Yesterday, I was tired of being in my studio home, as I had spent more than ten hours in front of my computer the days before...I needed to go out, and took my evening free to visit a good friend of mine in her shop, in the center of my city. 

                                       My pattern" small flowers" printed as a pillow cover.  

It was nice to have that break and have a great walk while I had a look to the beautiful show windows of the best fashion shops in my city. 

                                  My pattern" flowers and butterflies" printed on mugs. 

I took there some photos of my products, although I must admit I am not a good photographer, and this morning I saw that after having taken lost of photos, really I only can show in my blog a couple of them, as the rest were not good at all.

                                                                                    My friend holding my iphone case.

I think it is really nice and useful to show your designs on real products.
I love to have my coffee in the morning in one of my mugs!

I hope to buy other different products and make more photos of them soon. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!                           

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