Sketching again! Surface patterns designs.

               Hello, so glad you visit me! Lots of thanks!

After achieving some goals or finished a project, I have like an empty feeling. I must have lots of goals to fulfill again to feel myself motivated.

That sense of being like without ideas, feeling I am starting from scratch again or without a very clear direction to make new patterns, it makes me feel not in my best mood. 
I know that the creative process works like that, and althought I am used to this repeated and usual stage, I always feel the same; uncomfortable or agitated. 

For me, this is the worst part of designing. But luckily, it only lasts a couple of days. In these  days, I try to organize myself looking for new ideas, drawing in ink, sketching by pencil, and googling trying to get inspiration… I save and keep everything I draw, even if I don´t like it, as I know next day I can look at these ideas with new eyes and to lead me to any place. 

All this work, it is done while lots of thoughts come to my mind, such as if the motives I am designing are nice enough to develop a pattern, if  I like them or not, if I should make a new style, if I should try new artistic techniques, to use a new colour palette...It is a little fight, like a short brain storming till I get to follow my way. 

But I like to think that after a storm comes the calm. In fact, when I get nice icons, when I have the direction to follow, when I have a plan about the way I am going to distribute my motives, how I am going to make their repeats, how I am going to color them.... Then, it is great!I feel like a litle girl, so excited, so happy about being inmersed in developing my creations relieved! 

I am sure it is very usual artists to experiment all these feelings and doubts when they are trying to create new art. 

I hope tomorrow to be a better day, as Picasso told “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working”.

Have a great weekend! enjoy yourself!

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