The hero´s journey guide. My feature.

Hello, so pleased about your visit! thanks a lot!

I am glad as only some days ago I received in my house a small hardcover guide book, which I had ordered on line, called “the hero´s journey” where I had been featured next to other thirteen more artists.

It is a monthly guide which shares the stories of artists who have passion for their professions and  how they want to)make their money doing what they love. My guide is the September one.
I was so pleased with the design, photos, writing of the guide, that I gave it to my ill and depressed mum as a gift , who got really surprised about it.
I laughed when she told me, but Julia “this book is in English, no way me to read it!”  I told her it didn´t matter, and to told her to have looks at the photos when she got sad or missed me.

This feature has been possible as I was contacted some weeks ago at linked by a writer called Peter de kuster, who offered me  the possibility of entering in this project and I liked the idea.
Therefore, I spent a whole morning taking photos of me in my town as I was been asked. I decided to go to a big center market and to a wonderful place in my town, the city of Arts and sciences.
I sent him about 24 photos, and he chosed the ones he liked most. I also answered a short personal questionnaire. I could have called a professional photograph, but I didn´t want studio photos, just casual pictures. In fact, my husband took all of them, and it was even funny. I was a little shamed of sending them as they were close ups photos of me, and I doubted if I looked well on them. We shared lots of messages between us, and I had a nice time with them as Peter is a very friendly and funny man.

You can see the whole guide on line here, and to read our questionaires.

While I was writing this post, I received an e-mail telling me I had been featured at Pattern observer blog. I am excited, as I applied some months ago, and today was my feature day !!!you can see it here,

I hope you have a great weekend!

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