Licensing to Uneekee. Pattern design.

Hello, I am glad of having you here!Lots of thanks!

I have licensed some of my patterns to a new print on demand home products brand called Uneekee. This brand was founded by a retail veteran, Kara Parson in 2013.

We are only ten designers in its team, but I am sure it is going to grow very fast.  I love to see the other´s great designers work, and I am proud of belonging to this cretive artists team. 

I had to make some templates work in order my designs to fit well on the products mock ups, and it was important to choose the ideal pattern size for placing on pillows, duvet, curtains, blankets…I like how they look. Only changing the size of a pattern it can look so different.

You can have a look to the web here,

Here you can also see some of my rendered designs, and I hope to show more soon.

Some months ago, I realised that some of my Uneekee designs started to be shown at Amazon, which it is great. Step by step, I am achieving some of my goals! 
Of course, I have a long list about some others goals to reach this year!I hope to be lucky, but I must say working hard it helps!

I hope you have a great weekend! 

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  1. Hurray Julia!!! Beautiful designs and products, I hope you will sold many :) all the best xxx

  2. Beautiful usage of your patterns and colors! Best wishes!

  3. Beautiful usage of colors and patterns! Best wishes!