My fishes pattern. Surface pattern design

Hello, How nice to have you here, in my creative space!Lots of thanks for your great visit!

I am sharing with you my creative process about designing one of my last patterns today. This time, I have tried to design something different. 

I am used to designing flowers, and botanical motives so I have tried to go out from my designing comfort zone. I don´t feel proud about this last pattern, as I thought it was going to be a fast one and it took me much more time to develop than I expected. I know it is not one of my best ones… 

Anyway; I am glad of trying to add new themes on my portfolio.

I made this pattern, as some days ago one of my children took some paper cutting with some ink fishes sketchings on them, which were on my desk. He asked me, mum are you going to make a pattern using them, because they are nice? The truth is I had rejected to use them, but after that question, I thought I could make a go. They were fast sketchings directly drawed in ink…I sometimes don´t have the patience to use a pencil first!

In only had two motives a fish and a bush or tree, nothing else. But,  I scanned, and cleaned them at photoshop adding contrast and converted them to black and white. 
I used the live tool and traced them at illustrator, and improved the vectors lines.
It sometimes takes me more time to develop this technique than tracing them with my mouse.

As I only had two simple motives,  I drawed a sea starfish, and I filled the tree motive with a plain colour in order to play with a fourth element.

The difficult thing for me this time was to colour it, and I did lots of changes till getting something I liked, lots of blue and aqua tones.

Once I finish a repeat and make its tile, I feel excite and want to show it at Society6, as it is a way of knowing what other artists think about my work. You upload your design to your Society6 page, and artists to give comments or promote them inmediately, which it is a good signal.

It is great also to see your design on Society products mock ups, because it gives a very good idea of how they will look in real ones!

These new weeks I am going to concentrate myself in making new patterns, which are not going to be shown at my Society6 portfolio, as lots of brands only want to license exclusive work!

I hope to have lots of inpiration as I am not in my best mood when I haven´t it!i don´t like those days at all!!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Lovely work, Julia!! Thanks for sharing your process!

  2. You have found a good color solution. The fishes look great on the pillow and the phone case.