My bird drawing.

    Hello, so glad you are here!lots of thanks.

I designed long ago a pattern called” welcome birds to my garden” which I made five colour ways. The main motive, the bird, it was created 2O years ago, Wow how long! I created it for painting it by hand on a girl dress I have designed, in order to show it on a booth at a children fashion fair in my town.

I found this dress on my old wardrobe at my mum´s  some years ago, and I thought it would be nice to draw it on my computer, and to make some patterns with it. I am very fond of it, as it is for me like a symbol of freedom and happiness, therefore I used it as my logo too and you can see it on my blog header.

Yesterday I didn´t have a good day, and I didn´t feel like drawing new motives. Then, I had the idea of taking my bird icon and have a great fun surrounded it with leaves and flowers, motives choosen from other old patt

It was very funny to arrange the motives as in a circular way having my bird as the center of it. It was like a game, in order to find the suitables motives and colours to match all together. I think my first mandala drawing which I designed last week, influenced me to make these ilustrations. 

This relaxing exercise made me feel much better. Designing is one of the best ways I have to abstract from troubles.

Try to find old motives, sure you have lots of them and create something new with them!


Have a great weekend! By the way today is Halloween night. Spain copied that holiday some years ago and it is becoming more popular each year!Enjoy it!


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